Intro to Levitation Photography

Levitation: the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers.
Paranormal: denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

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The time and the weather when taking the picture makes a big difference, with levitation photographs you need to take photos on a cloudy day. You also would have to take the picture from a low perspective and not to close to your prop. Make sure that your prop matches well with the background. You also would have to take 2 pictures one just the background and one with the prop.
My ideas for my levitation are similar to these. But I was thinking that I could have done something petting dangerous animal like a tiger I think it would be really cool.

Levitation Photos 


Once upon a time, there was this beach. It was hidden behind this big piece of land that had not every been found. One day this little girl was walking with her dog and got lost. When she had realized that she had no clue to where she was she asked her dog to find home. Instead, the dog ran off. The girl followed.  She ran and ran after the dog. Then she had finally caught up with her dog and saw this amazing beach.

The Photographers

I learned about how it is the second that you take the picture that counts for how great the photo will be. That is especially important for the action shot. I was interested in how they took the picture of the elephant at that moment when the elephant was running after the photographer. Another interesting part of the movie was when the women went late at night to get the perfect photo of the lions hunting. Then getting the spotlight of the lions eating the zebra. What I also thought was interesting with taking the photos just of people. How the photographer had to make the person comfortable so that they could take that perfect shot.

History of Photography

I was really interested in the Kodak Brownie camera. I think the most amazing this was that it cost $1 dollar and for the film for the camera it only cost $2 dollars. I also was interested in how the Brownie camera was advertised for children with cartoons. I was surprised that the Kodak Brownie had lasted for around 20 years. I was fascinated by how a box would be able to work as a camera. Kodak brownie was a simple camera that everyone could afford.

Photo With Quotes

I used this picture to match with the quote I had found the quote first and then I found the photo. I had chosen the color of the font by using the tool to pick a color from the surroundings. I had chosen the tip of the dog's nose as the font color. I used a normal font because the image is simple so I thought the font should be the same. I had made the font smaller as it went closer to the right bottom corner and so it would not get in the way of the paw.
I had found this quote and was able to pick the image to match it immediately. With the quote fitting in a one to two words in the middle of the image. I used the color tool to find the proper color for the works and to match with what was in the spaghetti. I did have an issue with finding the right color that would be seen in the spaghetti. Till I had the idea to have an outline on the outer rims of the letters. I had used the tool that when you click on the word shows up with many options.
I had chosen the quote before the ima…

Food Photography

A girl went to her favorite place where she could relax and enjoy the views while she ate pie. This day, in particular, she had a blueberry pie and she had only had this pie once before. This time it was homemade meaning it was made at home. She had gone on to the porch and sat looking out on the water. While she was looking out she saw kayakers pass by and a couple sailboats. She then thought "I want to go sailing or kayaking". So she went to the shed and grabbed a life vest and hopped into the sailboat and went sailing. This whole idea came from one homemade blueberry pie.

David Hockney Photomontage

We were trying to communicate the back of the school near the side parking lot. I think that my group was successful in this because we had put lots of effort into the planning and our work on the ground with the snow was the most successful. We were not successful in some parts of having the trees in that corner there could have been more of the trees. The height of the building could have been bigger. We had learned a lot when it came to this project. I think while putting the puzzle back togeather was hard to imagine it at first. Later we had gotten better at showing the picture. We had learned about picture taking skills and that not all pictures are going to be just shown already put togeather. When taking pictures it was weird for me to take pictures of just brink or just the ground but I had gotten to understand how it would have fit into the collage.
The following was the criteria for the assignment. Look closely at the criteria. On a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the highest, w…