Depth of Field

F/5     1/500 Shallow Depth of field

F/20  1/15 Deep Depth of field

Assignment that I am the most proud of

Who Am I 
I am most proud of my Who Am I movie. I might need to take a break from watching it because I have probably watched it over and over a 100 times. I really worked hard on this project because I really wanted to show the message of who I am. I used photos and videos of me sailing to show who I am. I also used descriptions on the images to show how it is important to me. I took selfies of me before sailing and after and used a song that would fit with the images and videos to better display the I movie. This I movie of Who I am gave me an understanding of who I am and how a selfie is not just taken, but it tells a story and with this video though not all of the images were selfies it showed who I am.

Most memorable experiences

One experience that I was amazed by was working in the darkroom to create a photo. I never knew that a picture could come out of using chemicals. Especially because the photos were not taken with a digital camera or a Polaroid. The photos were taken with a pinhole camera which is makes a photo without any magical buttons just light. It was cool learning that a photo could be taken with light. All you needed to do was time how long the pinhole was in the light and then go into the dark room and use chemicals to develop the photo. These skills have impacted my skills with photos to the advancement of a more detailed way of creating photos.

Who Am I 
Skills from making a film were never my strong suit, but now that I have made a movie about my self with selfies and explaining my true self. I understand who I am and how I can explain that through photos and videos. Put together making a movie that will be there anytime I want to watch which is a memory more me. I also learned lots of skil…

Reflecting on my goals for the semester

After revisiting my goals I feel that I have achieved my goals. I have become a better photographer in this semester in Photo 1. I have gotten the skills for taking picture of shapes, food, reflections etc. I also learned that photography is a skill that takes time and in many cases takes planning. My goals were to take better pictures because before this semester I was not skilled, but the biweekly photo projects of taking 60 photos of a topic like food, reflections and shapes made me look at the world in a different way. I now will walk out side and see the perfect picture just walking. I also have learned how to use my phone to take better photos.

Pinhole Photography

Purpose: To understand and demonstrate pinhole photography and how it works; To become familiar with darkroom processes and procedures. The first time I took a pinhole photo I was afraid I would mess the photo up. It ended up that I was pretty good at the timing for how long to have the pinhole in the light. We had tried 15 seconds and the light was good. When it came to the chemicals and the time the photo should be in the chemical for I got lost at first. I learned a lot about how you need to keep the photo in a certain chemical for a time. The more photos we took the better they were. and I think us timing the photo pretty exact and not shaking our hands when holding the pinhole camera made a big difference.
The process was all exciting especially when I got to see what the photo looked like after it went through all the chemicals. The best part was making the photo complete at the end and seeing the results. I also really liked trying different tricks to make the photo a little diff…

Forced Perspective

I think that the photo with me pushing the moon away is the best because it looks the most realistic. The photo was the hardest to do because with a background added I also had to put the moon in. First, it was hard to find a background that would match with the moon and the person (me). When I found the moon for the background I needed to photoshop the moons background to make the moon fit with the background that I fit in. I also needed to make the moon smaller than so that that it fits with the background and me. All these things had made this successful.

The most challenging part of this project is remembering the last steps in copying the images into a background and adjusting the size of them. Every time that I get to the last step I get stuck or something does not go as I thought it would. I really enjoy photoshopping, but those parts put me behind when having the work done. I usually ask someone in class to help me figure it out, but right after I figure it out I can't r…